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    Interesting article from Computer Business Review.

    IBM scientists develop brain inspired chip

    The TrueNorth chip is based on non–von Neumann architecture using contemporary silicon technology.

    Scientists have developed a brain inspired computer chip which mimics the neurons inside your brain.

    The chip consumes just 70 milliwatts of power and can perform 46 billion synaptic operations per second.

    Since 2008, scientists from IBM have been working with DARPA’s Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE) programme.

    They have developed the chip, or processor called TrueNorth, which is claimed to be efficient, scalable, and flexible non-von Neumann architecture using contemporary silicon technology.

    TrueNorth has 5.4-billion-transistors with 4096 neurosynaptic cores interconnected via an intrachip network that integrates 1 million programmable spiking neurons and 256 million configurable synapses.

    It can be tiled in two dimensions through an interchip communication interface and can be scaled up to a cortexlike sheet of arbitrary size.

    The chip has been fabricated on Samsung’s 28nm process and claimed to be IBM’s largest chip in terms of transistor count.

    During the simulation of complex recurrent neural networks, the chip consumes less than 100mW of power and has a power density of 20mW / cm2.

    IBM fellow Dharmendra Modha said: “Unlike the prevailing von Neumann architecture — but like the brain — TrueNorth has a parallel, distributed, modular, scalable, fault-tolerant, flexible architecture that integrates computation, communication, and memory and has no clock.

    “It is fair to say that TrueNorth completely redefines what is now possible in the field of brain-inspired computers, in terms of size, architecture, efficiency, scalability, and chip design techniques.”

    The chip can be used in many applications that use complex neural networks in real time including multi-object detection and classification.



    Thats pretty cool! Check out what I found!

    Tesla has received 325,000 preorders for the Model 3

    Tesla announced Thursday that it has received 325,000 preorders for its recently unveiled Model 3. If it sells every car that’s been reserved, the company says it will earn enough revenue to make this the “biggest one-week launch of any product ever.” A few days ago, the electric car company was saying it had received twice the number of preorders it originally expected to get. Now it’s quickly approaching three times that number, which raises questions about the company’s ability to meet its increasingly complex production goals.

    “$14 billion in implied future sales”

    If it can, it stands to make a boatload of money. Tesla says the number of preorders it has received so far corresponds to $14 billion in implied future sales. And it boasts that it was able to generate hype for the Model 3 without advertisements or “paid endorsements.” The company has raked in $325 million on just Model 3 deposits alone. Fortunately for those more fickle fans, the $1,000 deposit is refundable.

    Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, unveiled the Model 3 at an event in Hawthorne, California, last Thursday, to much fanfare. Even before the car was revealed, hundreds of eager Tesla fans were lining up outside dealerships around the world. No doubt Tesla is hoping the news of its incredible preorders would overshadow the company’s announcement Monday that it was only able to ship 2,400 Model Xs last quarter due to its “hubris in adding far too much new technology.”

    In a tweet today, Musk revealed that only 5 percent of Model 3 preorder customers reserved two cars — the maximum allowed — and Musk says this suggested “low levels of speculation,” or buyers looking to flip the car for a profit. The reservations are not transferable, meaning any speculators would need to buy the car outright and then sell it used to a third-party.

    In Forbes this week, auto industry commentator Bertell Schmitt wrote that in all his years of covering cars, “I’ve never witnessed such a high number of reservations.” That said, he has his doubts that Tesla will be able to meet expectations, given the company’s poor track record in meeting its orders on time. “Tesla has grappled with production problems many times, even while in boutique production mode,” Schmitt notes.

    But Musk is undeterred. In a Twitter Q&A the other day, the billionaire CEO said he expects the Model 3 to crack a half-a-million preorders even before part two of the car is unveiled later this year.



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